Making Faux Eggs Merrily!

Merry Makery Glittering Faux Eggs!Working on some glittery Faux eggs using foam eggs that I scored at the local dollar store!  Five of my favorite blue/green tones of acrylic paints were used.  I Skewered the eggs like shish kabobs and went to town painting while watching an episode of Drop Dead Diva.  The colors were a little too flat for my taste once they dried so I added a light coat of pearlizing medium.  A swish of Mod Podge about the eggs without much thought, a roll in a little bowl filled with Martha Stewart’s Aquamarine Crystal glitter and I am pleased!  Pretty eggs ready for a project, no paint all over my hands, and the table is glitter free.  What more could a crafting diva ask for?


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