Pretty Pastel Eggs to Eat. Yumm.

pastel-eggs Back in 2011 on April 20th, FOODjimoto recorded her memories of the pastel deviled eggs that her mother used to serve to her when she was a child.  Almost a year later, The Tampa Bay Times came across a twitter feed about those sweet deviled eggs and then published this story to their website for the WHOA, MOMMA!”  column.  The rest is pinterest history and every Pastel Easter loving blogger has given their hand to trying them out also.  We are no exception! We did a few things differently than the original version.  Wilton’s Concentrated Gel Icing Colorings were used which creates a more delicate appearance.  Once I used these gel pots of color, I never went back to the tear drop shaped grocery store bottle.  Here is a picture of what they look like and also a Wilton Color Chart to create almost any variation you might want.  Notice the picture doesn’t include pastel yellow.  This color really didn’t pull off well due to the lack on contrast with the yolk.  For lighter pastel colors less time and more intense colors require more time.  Bravo to my oldest Daughter Roo for carrying out this task to completion! polishpottery And on a final note, the egg dish used in the first picture is one from my personal collection.  Many moons ago, I used to import and sell Polish Pottery with a very dear friend of mine.  Someday, I will tell you about it.  It was quite an adventure!


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