The only Candy Crush I enjoy playing!

We make a lot of cupcakes around here.  The recipes have been mastered and we can knock out a batch in record time when needed.  My child’s friend had a birthday and her request was a nice box of frosting towered, handheld mini cakes!  College kids love the excitement of opening their very own box to share with others.


Gifts really do not need to be expensive.  With a little planning and a few coupons, we were able to knock this gift out of the park for less than $7.00 which totally beats the price of $25.00-$35.00 for gourmet bakery made! The trick is all in the final presentation.  The cakes were pennies to make and candy canes are available at the dollar store.  The canes were placed in a Ziploc and whacked with a rolling-pin.  Our recipient loves peppermint so we used larger pieces.  This looks great when you use multi-colored canes as well!

Here is the SECRET to towering store-bought frosting!  Add 1/4 cup powdered sugar to the container and whip it well.  Investing in the proper Wilton tips is a must.  You can use freezer baggies for piping in a pinch.  Magnifique!


Bakery boxes complete the presentation and are available at places like Wal-Mart for just a few dollars each.  It gives the impression of “investment” to the gift of homemade foods.

cake box

Top it off with complimentary ribbons and you have a beautiful gift that is worthy to bestow on any loved one who can endure the calories!


On to my next project!


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