Pantone Color of The Year Announced and it’s chicken liver to me.

I have exhausted my brain from pondering the new color this morning while reliving my color theory studies all over again.  Do I admit the truth or do I go along with the flow?  Maybe my perspective is incorrect and the color will dance in projects when it is utilized.  My brain gives in to my perspective and I have to admit that when I viewed the color my first thought was…chicken liver.  Pantone wants you to see pomegranates.  You decide:


That color isn’t even remotely connected to a wine.  Am I wrong here?  The picture above has a link that will take you right to the “Color of the Year” website.  I really am not a color snob but I found myself befuddled by this revelation.  We designers wait each year just to be in the know and this is what they served to us.  It occurred to me that maybe my eyes were playing tricks and so I even retested on my color perception.  I am down one point but still high on the chart as a designer should be.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 and 14 were fine with Emerald and Radiant Orchid, but it was nothing that knocked my socks off.  The last time that I felt pumped up from their color choice was in 2012 when they announced Tangerine Tango.


A panel of people come together in an uncolored room to choose the color that best represents the Zeitgeist of the people of that time or era.  ‘Zeitgeist: noun, German. 1. the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.’  As a human being, I feel misrepresented.

On a happier note, this year I was introduced to Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends, which I tend to lean towards much more effortlessly.  The difference is that one color is chosen by a small group of people for the entire world, while the other is decided upon by us, the consumer.  Some may view my opinion as appalling but I ask you to decide for yourself:


Or This:

banner_imageTheir insertion of Caponata AF-650 for 2015 happens to be a very beautiful wine color that I can envision many people being drawn to.  In the end, it is a matter of personal taste and I am honestly curious as to what you think?


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