A quiet moment to reflect.

   The house is quiet.
Cranberry bread is baking in the oven.
The last few touches of the decorations have been made.
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryAs each Christmas passes, I realize
that my children haven’t always remember the presents under the tree.
Instead they remember the moments leading up to
the grand unveiling and the excitement in the home.
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryThey remember the decorations that
dance around the house each year
on shelves, the mantel, and countertops.
I remind my children of their history each year
as I bring out each piece
so that they appreciate their presences.
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryChristmases build upon each other.
Each year, is another link to the total memory
in a child’s mind and heart.
It is a creation of magic through LOVE.
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryPure Magic!
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryThe smell of favorite recipes
baked in Mother’s familiar pans,
create some strange magic
that they often won’t know exists
until they are grown.
Christmas 2014 at The Merry MakeryWishing you all…
A Very Merry Christmas,
Blessed by the Love of Jesus.


All The World’s A Stage! DIY How to make a stage for your vintage Lefton Napco figurines!

In the midst of all of the hustle and bustle, I sat down this evening and slowly began to work on another little project.  I have these cute little vintage Lefton Christmas figurines that are top-heavy and rock quite a bit.  The boy has been to the hospital three times to be mended.  This year, they are coming out for décor but they need a stage to perform on first,  to add stability.
Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery

From the dollar store, one 2 pc package of Craft  floral foams.

Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery

I opened the package and glued them together.

Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery
The two together are the perfect size for what I want!

Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery
Red and white striped paper collected from last years “After Christmas Clearance Sale” was picked out.
A very uneven circle of the paper was cut to overlap the sides of the foam.  No tracing or pattern used, I eyed it as I was cutting.

Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery

Thinking that hot blue would be bumpy, I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the foam.
On the bottom half, I tried the glue gun just to see what would happen. There was no difference and the hot glue was much faster.
If I had used a thinner piece of paper, it might matter but the paper here is heavy weight cardstock.

Vintage Christmas Stage At Merry Makery
Several slits were made around the circle edge to allow the paper to lay more evenly.
The weight of the Mod Podge bottle was used to add pressure to the paper while it dried.

IMG_2135 (960x1280)
With a glue gun, the tabs were adhered, just a few at a time.  Easy.

IMG_2136 (1280x1273)
The process was repeated for the bottom of the stage, just in case someone flipped it over…I don’t know why.  It just seemed proper.

IMG_2137 (1280x798)
With a little added trim, it is ready for the performers to take center stage.

IMG_2140 (1280x960)

I can’t want to share the finished project!

Vintage Paper Cupcake Toppers Free to use

Busy…busy…busy!  We are sending out more Christmas treats this week and so I quickly threw together some tags to top our gifts with.  I am all kinds of stuck on Kitschy Vintage Christmas so I used snips from vintage greeting cards to create my frippery!

Kitschy Vintage Paper Cupcake Toppers Free at Merry Makery

Never is the paper complete without a little glitter but I will tell you that these looked great even without it!  Here I am using Martha Stewart’s Blue Topaz and Red Corundum glitter.  Her glitter is very high quality and a little goes a long way with great coverage so about 3 or 4 taps of each color into a small bowl is appropriate for this project.
Kitschy Vintage Paper Cupcake Toppers Free at Merry Makery

I am starting to envision these on other projects already since they are so darned cute!   I would love to feature your crafts made with these tags if you decide to use them too!

BEFORE YOU PRINT:  I have tried this two ways and the only way that print comes out clean is to click on the picture and then save it.  If you save the picture directly from this post, you will get a fuzzy mess!  For personal use only, be nice and please do not resell.

As Promised:

christmas cupcakes2

I have tried this two ways and the only way that print comes out clean is to click on the picture and then save it.  If you save the picture directly from this post, you will get a fuzzy mess!  For personal use only, be nice and do not resell.

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Christmas Blessings to you ALL!

The only Candy Crush I enjoy playing!

We make a lot of cupcakes around here.  The recipes have been mastered and we can knock out a batch in record time when needed.  My child’s friend had a birthday and her request was a nice box of frosting towered, handheld mini cakes!  College kids love the excitement of opening their very own box to share with others.


Gifts really do not need to be expensive.  With a little planning and a few coupons, we were able to knock this gift out of the park for less than $7.00 which totally beats the price of $25.00-$35.00 for gourmet bakery made! The trick is all in the final presentation.  The cakes were pennies to make and candy canes are available at the dollar store.  The canes were placed in a Ziploc and whacked with a rolling-pin.  Our recipient loves peppermint so we used larger pieces.  This looks great when you use multi-colored canes as well!

Here is the SECRET to towering store-bought frosting!  Add 1/4 cup powdered sugar to the container and whip it well.  Investing in the proper Wilton tips is a must.  You can use freezer baggies for piping in a pinch.  Magnifique!


Bakery boxes complete the presentation and are available at places like Wal-Mart for just a few dollars each.  It gives the impression of “investment” to the gift of homemade foods.

cake box

Top it off with complimentary ribbons and you have a beautiful gift that is worthy to bestow on any loved one who can endure the calories!


On to my next project!

Rustic Stick Stars!

framed-starMy dear friend in Texas has been spending some of her extra time helping me proof read my work and I really wanted to send her a thank you.  Her taste is never frilly or too ornate instead she enjoys a more primitive décor.  So, I have been working on a rustic rag festooning for her.  Since she is in Texas, that means a star should be incorporated into the project.  Enter the making of a stick star or wicker star as others have called them!  They are popping up everywhere, big and small, floating over fireplace mantels and swinging from front patios.  Beauty is in the detailing.

It is the perfect season to make them here in the Rockies.  The leaves have fallen, showing the bare bones of the trees which makes it very easy to spot a perfect branch for this project.  What you want to avoid is a dry stick.  They break easily and are a waste of time.  You are looking for a branch that is thick enough to be sturdy but still has some bend to it.

If you look closely, in the center of my tree, you will spot a small group of branches that have grown straight.  This is just what we are looking for.


Cut five pieces of branch to match in size

Band two sticks together at the top

Add two sticks to either side and band at the bottom


Now, rotate the two outer sticks so that they go behind all of the other sticks.
(I missed a picture here so only one is positioned properly.)
(In fact I am not sure how I even got this shot.)


The last stick is tied across the front, meeting up with the two back sticks.
(It is here that you will be glad your branch has some bend to it.)

Trim your string and work a bit to position your star to your liking.



If you are making larger stars, it might be easier to use rubber bands, then tie your sting over the top, and last cut the rubber bands out.  I use fresh rubber bands and never leave them on because they snap after time.  A quick spray of paint can help you to tie your color palette together and really get your deco on.  I am thinking white on white for front door this year!

Now, I am off to sneak in a burlap bow and some woodland graphics as a final touch on this project.  Wishing you a Merry Making of much!