Pretty Pastel Eggs to Eat. Yumm.

pastel-eggs Back in 2011 on April 20th, FOODjimoto recorded her memories of the pastel deviled eggs that her mother used to serve to her when she was a child.  Almost a year later, The Tampa Bay Times came across a twitter feed about those sweet deviled eggs and then published this story to their website for the WHOA, MOMMA!”  column.  The rest is pinterest history and every Pastel Easter loving blogger has given their hand to trying them out also.  We are no exception! We did a few things differently than the original version.  Wilton’s Concentrated Gel Icing Colorings were used which creates a more delicate appearance.  Once I used these gel pots of color, I never went back to the tear drop shaped grocery store bottle.  Here is a picture of what they look like and also a Wilton Color Chart to create almost any variation you might want.  Notice the picture doesn’t include pastel yellow.  This color really didn’t pull off well due to the lack on contrast with the yolk.  For lighter pastel colors less time and more intense colors require more time.  Bravo to my oldest Daughter Roo for carrying out this task to completion! polishpottery And on a final note, the egg dish used in the first picture is one from my personal collection.  Many moons ago, I used to import and sell Polish Pottery with a very dear friend of mine.  Someday, I will tell you about it.  It was quite an adventure!


Making Faux Eggs Merrily!

Merry Makery Glittering Faux Eggs!Working on some glittery Faux eggs using foam eggs that I scored at the local dollar store!  Five of my favorite blue/green tones of acrylic paints were used.  I Skewered the eggs like shish kabobs and went to town painting while watching an episode of Drop Dead Diva.  The colors were a little too flat for my taste once they dried so I added a light coat of pearlizing medium.  A swish of Mod Podge about the eggs without much thought, a roll in a little bowl filled with Martha Stewart’s Aquamarine Crystal glitter and I am pleased!  Pretty eggs ready for a project, no paint all over my hands, and the table is glitter free.  What more could a crafting diva ask for?

Another Victorian Easter Creation at Merry Makery!


Paper Victoria Bunny Basket at Merry Makery!

I have been working at my leisure on little touches of Spring and Easter for the house!  I had visions of creating basket centerpieces using ceramic Spring rabbits but never found any that I fell in love with.  I kept coming back to the feel of a Victorian Easter and when I found  these two little bunnies on Matthew Mead’s website.  I came up with a plan to use paper instead.  I have to tell you though that the downloads aren’t on his site, only on Matthew Mead’s Pinterest board but he has allowed us all to use them.  I adore them.  For the basket below I used a bunny from The Graphics Fairy.   If you are interested in how they were put together, please visit here.
Paper Victorian Bunny Basket at Merry Makery!


Vintage Easter Basket with The Graphics Fairy & Dollar Tree!

Paper Victorian Craft at Merry Makery!


I was so excited when I shared my first little creation with The Graphics Fairy and they asked me to submit it for consideration!  That alone was such a compliment!  I love using her graphics because they are, of course beautiful, but also very clean to work with.  My creation doesn’t really deserve a full tutorial because it is so simple but I will give you a quick run down of what I did and if you have questions, feel free to ask!

Our local dollar store just launched their Spring line and so shopping I went.  For this project I bought:
Floral Foam Block
A thin basket
Plastic moss rocks
Mini glitter eggs
Artificial flowers
Polka-dot ribbon

I already had:
Glue gun and sticks
Glue stick
Popsicle sticks

Here is how I did it!

First I visited The Graphics Fairy and used found this really sweet vintage rabbit!  I wanted to make a double-sided rabbit so that his beauty could be seen in front and also through the small French mirror I placed behind him so I made one copy using card stock and then flipped him horizontally and created a second.  I used the Cameo Silhouette to cut my rabbits but you can easily cut these by hand with little effort.  Once I had this done I glued the two pieces back to back with a popsicle stick glued into the bottom center so that I could poke him into the foam.  If you are a perfectionist and don’t like that they sides aren’t perfect, then once he is assembled just run a little glue along the edges and add a small amount of glitter all the way around to hide imperfections from cutting.  Easy.


Glue the floral foam into the basket centered.
Use the plastic wrap from the packaging to shove into each empty space on each side of the foam as this will save using too much moss.  I used two bags  of moss for this project.
Glue your plastic moss rocks into place with the glue gun.  Play with the position of the rocks until you find a look you like.  Just make sure that you keep the area clear where you want Mr. Rabbit to sit!
Glue the moss around the rocks until you get a landscape look you enjoy while making sure that the floral foam is completely covered.
Add your Graphics Fairy rabbit by pressing the popsicle stick gently into the foam.
Add your touches last.  For this piece I used glitter eggs and artificial carnations.  I arranged them until I found a look I loved and then glued them all into place.
Last I created “The perfect bow” found all over pinterest and added one to the front and back of the rabbit just for a bit of whimsy.
If the moss mess bothers you then you can spray a little hairspray around to keep it in place.

Total time for the project was about 1 hour.  I made Mr. Rabbit one night and the second night created his landscape.  I really hope you enjoy!